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Herbarium # GJO 0039867
Collection # GJO 27176/2112
Stored under taxonname Carex muricata L. x Carex remota L.   tropicos
Family Cyperaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned orig.
Ident. history orig.: Carex muricata × Carex remota
Collector wikidata Index of Botanists (HUH) VIAF Bionomia Pichler,Thomas s.n. (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1877-05
Location Austria / Salzburg
Label [Österreich]
Salzburgerland. In der Wetzelbeuer-Wieße [Wiese] bei [Bad] Gastein. [Bezirk Sankt Johann im Pongau]
Annotations /further numbers on specimen: 1918/7800
/former part of other collections: Herbarium Michael v. Eichenfeld
/label: handwritten
/record created: 2008-03-28 by Holler Alessandro
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