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Herbarium # W 0026917
Collection # W
Stored under taxonname Swartzia conferta Spruce ex Benth. var. conferta   tropicos
Family Fabaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned R. S. Cowan 1963
Ident. history orig.: Swartzia conferta; R. S. Cowan 1963: Swartzia conferta var. conferta
Isotypus of Swartzia conferta Spruce ex Benth.
Fl. Bras. 15 (2): 20-21; tab. 7, fig. 2 (1870-12-01)
Typified by: R. S. Cowan 1963
Collector wikidata Index of Botanists (HUH) VIAF Bionomia Spruce,R. 2971 (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1854
Location Brazil
Label Ad fluminum Guainia et Rio Negro, supra ostium fluminis Cassiquiari
Annotations see W 1889-0004712: R. S. Cowan 1953: "The fruiting portion of Spruce 2971 has been assigned the number 2971-A to distinguish it from the flowering material which is from an earlier collection."
J. Walter (W) 2010-09-20: R. S. Cowan 1967 cited the coll. date of Spruce 2971 "May 1853"; in contrast to 1853-04 on the type sheets (in protologue no date is mentioned). Furthermore the fruiting material is linked by him with the coll. date (on sheets) 1954 which is not earlier but later, in contrast to type specimen on the sheets (fruiting collection = 1853-04!). Probably it is a mixture of coll. dates in Cowan's cited collections of his lectotypification: the locality of the flowering collection designated for lectotype is linked with "May 1853" but is definitely 1854 on the type sheets.
Lectotypification R. S. Cowan 1967 (Fl. Neotrop. 1: 200-201): Spruce "... May 1853".

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