Stable identifier
Herbarium # LAGU CEH01265
Collection # LAGU
Stored under taxonname Pinus tecunumanii F. Schwerdtf. ex Eguiluz & J. P. Perry   tropicos
Family Pinaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned K.Gruber (B en LAGU) 2013-01
Ident. history C.E.Hughes (FHO) 1989: Pinus patula var. tecunumani; K.Gruber (B en LAGU) 2013-01: Pinus tecunumanii
Collector    Hughes,C.E. et al. 1265 [CEH01265] (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1989-02-23
El Salvador / Santa Ana — 14.38° / -89.4°
Label Depto. Santa Ana, On the upper south-facing slopes of cerro Montecristo within the Montecristo National Park, about 16 km north of the town of Metapan.
Habitat Common, forming a magnificent pure wellstocked stand of mature trees.
Habitus Large tree to 30m ht.; dbh 85cm. Bark smoot, shedding in small papery flakes orange-brown above, mid grey brown on lower bole. Ripe an open cones persistent on the tree
Annotations Nombre comĂșn local: pino colorado
Herbaria: FHO LAGU