Stable identifier
Herbarium # LAGU AM-02932
Collection # LAGU
Stored under taxonname Boehmeria caudata Sw.   tropicos
Family Urticaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned A.K.Monro (BM) 1999
Ident. history A.K.Monro (BM) 1999: Boehmeria caudata
Collector Monro,A.K. et al. 2932 [AM-02932]
Date 1999-02-03
El Salvador / San Miguel — 13.48° / -88.31°
Label Depto. San Miguel, Finca El Pacayal, Volcán Chinameca.
Habitat Coffee farm, shade (60%) with low diversity of shade trees, canopy to 12-14 m
Habitus Shrub, to 5 m, overhanging road on steep slope. Collection made in spirit
Annotations Herbaria: B BM ITIC LAGU MO