Stable identifier
Collection Herb.# WU-Keck 0044252
Stored under taxonname Aëthionema amoenum Hausskn.   tropicos
Family Brassicaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned M. Menke (MO) 2008-10-15
Ident. history orig.: Aëthionema amoenum f. albiflora; M. Menke (MO) 2008-10-15: Aëthionema grandiflorum
authentic specimen for Aëthionema amoenum Hausskn.
Typified by: M. Lachmayer (WU) 2013-07-15
Collector     Sintenis,P.E.E. Iter orientale 1890 2516 (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1890-06-10
Location Turkey
Label Armenia turcica. Egin: Erzschewitdagh.
Annotations original number WU-Keck 63
possible type specimen for Aethionema amoenum Hausskn., but publication not found; not clear if name published
remark: originally mounted together with Sintenis 2516 on the same sheet

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