Stable identifier
Herbarium # WU 0033187
Collection # WU
Stored under taxonname Coussarea ilheotica Müll. Arg.   tropicos
Family Rubiaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned Müller Argoviensis
Ident. history Müller Argoviensis: Coussarea ilheotica
Typus of Coussarea ilheotica Müll. Arg.
Flora 58 (30): 466 (1875-10-21)
Typified by: H. Rainer & M. Lachmayer (WU) 2008-05-06
Collector wikidata Martius,C.F.P. von Herbarium florae brasiliensis 609 (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date s.d.
Location Brazil / Bahia
Label Brazil: Bahia
Annotations ex LE.