Stable identifiers
Herbarium # B 10 0038326
Collection # B-Phanerogamae
Stored under taxonname Erythrina fusca Lour.   tropicos
Flora de Cuba (BGBM Cybertax)
Family Fabaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned J.L.Linares (LAGU) 1999-11
Ident. history Orig.: Erythrina; M.Sousa (MEXU) [Fide TROPICOS 05.2014] 1999: Erythrina crista-galli; J.L.Linares (LAGU) 1999-11: Erythrina fusca;
Collector Sidwell,K. et al. 557 [KS-00557]
Date 1998-02-03
El Salvador / San Salvador — 13.66528° / -89.99639°
Label Depto. San Salvador, Lago de Ilopango ; Alt. 450 m
Habitat At edge of small lagoon where river flows into lake.
Habitus Tree, in maize field to 10 m tall; flowers with spectacular luminous orange standard, keel white, red toward apex, filaments green and dark red, calix brown. Collected in alcohol.
Annotations Herbaria: B BM ITIC LAGU MO