Stable identifier
Herbarium # W 0100842
Collection # W
Stored under taxonname Callitriche occidentalis Hegelm.   tropicos
Family Callitrichaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned Hegelmaier
Ident. history orig.: Callitriche occidentalis
Collector wikidata Index of Botanists (HUH) VIAF Bionomia Poeppig,E.F. s.n. (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1824-04
Location Cuba
Label In paludosis exsiccatis. Masmarijez
Habitat In paludosis
Annotations additional label in the handwriting by Hegelmaier: Fructus forma inter illos C. hamulatae et pedunculatae ludens sed minor, stigmatibus erecto-patentibus persistentibus.

remark H. Rainer (W/WU) 2020-05-15:
i) according to the hand writing on the label this plant was collected by Eduard Poeppig who stayed in Cuba 1823-1824
ii) the pencil drawings represent the figures from left to right plat IV figs. 5b, 5d, and 5c

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