Stable identifiers
Herbarium # GZU 000280289
Collection # GZU-Nees ab Esenbeck
Stored under taxonname Endopogon viscosus Arn. ex Nees var. hispidus Nees   tropicos
Family Acanthaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned Nees s.d.
Ident. history orig.: Endopogon consanguineus var. grandiflora; Nees s.d.: Endopogon viscosus Var. β; Anon. s.d.: = Pseudostenosiphonium viscosum var. β
Typus of Endopogon viscosus Arn. ex Nees var. hispidus Nees
Prodr. (DC.) 11: 104 (1847-11-25)
Typified by: F. Schlatti (GZU) 2011-01-14
Collector Anonymous collector s.n.
Date s.d.
Location Sri Lanka
Label Ceylon
Annotations No. 113, 126, 407 [?]
an nov. Sp.
[F. Schlatti 2011: GZU 000280289 contains a second label: Endopogon viscosus Var. α ! Maybe the specimen could be divided in two different taxa, Endopogon viscosus var. hispidus and Endopogon viscosus var. viscosissimus, but they can't be correctly determinated.]

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