Stable identifiers
Herbarium # W 1956-0003034
Collection # W
Stored under taxonname Varthemia asperella Rech. f. & Köie   tropicos
IPNI (K) Plants of the World Online / POWO (K)
Family Asteraceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned A.J.C. Grierson 1977-10
Ident. history orig.: Varthemia asperella; K. H. Rechinger 1975: Aster asperellus; A.J.C. Grierson 1977-10: Crinitaria asperella
Typus of Varthemia asperella Rech. f. & Köie
Biol. Skr. 8 (2): 35-37; Figs. 25, 26 (1955-12-31)
Typified by: K. H. Rechinger (W) 1975
Collector Køie,M.E. The 3rd Danish Expedition to Central Asia 2935
Date 1948-10-10
Location Afghanistan
Label Afghanistan, Ruka, 2000 m. ; Alt. 2000 m
Annotations ex C.
Regio Florae Iranicae

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