Stable identifiers
Herbarium # W 1956-0000313
Collection # W
Stored under taxonname Psychrogeton andryaloides (DC.) Novopokr. ex Krasch.   tropicos
Family Asteraceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned A. J. C. Grierson (E) 1965
Ident. history orig.: Erigeron stenodon; A. J. C. Grierson (E) 1965: Psychrogeton andryaloides
Typus of Erigeron stenodon Rech. f. & Edelb.
Biol. Skr. 8 (2): 23-25; Figs. 14, 15e (1955-12-31)
Typified by: K. H. Rechinger (W) 
Current Name: Psychrogeton andryaloides (DC.) Novopokr. ex Krasch. subsp. andryaloides
Collector wikidata Index of Botanists (HUH) VIAF Bionomia Edelberg,L. The 3rd Danish Expedition to Central Asia 852 (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1948-05-30
Location Afghanistan / Nuristan
Label Afghanistan. Nuristan. Chetras. Alt. 3000m. ; Alt. 3000 m
Habitat substr. silic.

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