Stable identifiers
Herbarium # LAGU AM-03806
Collection # LAGU
Stored under taxonname Mabea montana Müll. Arg.   tropicos
Family Euphorbiaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned D.Rodríguez (LAGU) 2006-05
Ident. history D.Rodríguez (LAGU) 2006-05: Mabea montana
Collector Monro,A.K. et al. 3806 [AM-03806]
Date 2002-03-25
El Salvador / Morazán — 13.92972° / -88.10028°
Label Depto. Morazán, Río Sapo, area burnt ca 20 years prior. ; Alt. 678 m
Habitat Disturbed semi-decidous riparian vegetation.
Habitus Tree, to 4 m, dbh 5 cm, bark grey-brown with many fine superficial fissures, stem releasing white latex when cut; fruit green, suffused red. Collected in spirit.
Annotations Herbaria: B BM ITIC LAGU MO