Stable identifier
Herbarium # LAGU CEH01263
Collection # LAGU
Stored under taxonname Pinus tecunumanii F. Schwerdtf. ex Eguiluz & J. P. Perry   tropicos
Family Pinaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned K.Gruber (B en LAGU) 2013-01
Ident. history C.E.Hughes (FHO) 1989: Pinus patula var. tecunumani; K.Gruber (B en LAGU) 2013-01: Pinus tecunumanii
Collector    Hughes,C.E. et al. 1263 [CEH01263] (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1989-02-23
El Salvador / Santa Ana — 14.38° / -89.4°
Label Depto. Santa Ana, On the upper south-facing slopes of cerro Montecristo within the Montecristo National Park about 16 km north of the town of Metapan
Habitat Locally frequent with Pinus oocarpa, Quercus and Senna
Habitus Large tree to 23m ht.; dbh 75cm. Bark deep mid brown on lower bole becoming reddish brown obove, smooth shedding in small papery flakes. Cones with long persistent peduncules opening assymetrically.
Annotations Nombre comĂșn local: pino colorado
Herbaria: FHO LAGU