Stable identifier
Herbarium # LAGU JBL00615
Collection # LAGU
Stored under taxonname Piper sanctum (Miq.) Schltdl. ex C. DC.   tropicos
Family Piperaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned W.Burger (F) 1995
Ident. history orig.: Piper; M.C.Tebbs (BM) 1988-09: Piper sanctum; W.Burger (F) 1995: !
Collector     Berendsohn,W. et al. 1044 [JBL00615] (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1988-03-04
El Salvador / La Libertad — 13.67° / -89.25°
Label Depto. La Libertad, Municipio Antiguo Cuscatlán, Finca Montecristo
Habitat Found at bottom of a small deep valley (barranco) with a cool and humid microclimate (most soil), in a coffee plantation.
Habitus Scandent shrub, 2 m high. Leaves palmate nerved, the 3 principal nerves extending nearly to the apex; leaves glabrous. Flower spikes solitary opposite to the leaves; flowers sessile.
Annotations Herbaria: B BM F LAGU MO