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Herbarium # W 1916-0018787
Collection # W-Hackel
Stored under taxonname Melica cupanii Guss. var. malacitana Lojac.   tropicos
Family Poaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned annot. L. Pignotti (W) 2015-03-04
Ident. history orig.: Melica cupani; W. Hempel (DR) 1969-09-12: Melica cupani f. cupani = f. hirtella; annot. L. Pignotti (W) 2015-03-04: = Melica cupanii var. malacitana
Isolectotypus of Melica cupanii Guss. var. malacitana Lojac.
Naturalista Sicil. 1: 13-14 (1881-10-01)
Typified by: W. Hempel (DR) 2011
Collector wikidata Index of Botanists (HUH) VIAF Bionomia Lojacono,M. s.n. (link to CETAF Botany Pilot) 
Date 1878-06
Location Italy / Sicilia
Label In calcareis montosis Busambra alle Coste del Cappone.
Habitat in calcareis montosis
Annotations [LT Sicilia, Busambra, in calc. mont. Busambra alle Coste del Cappone, 1250 m, 6-1868, Lojacono; ILT: BP, G, JE, W, WU, designated by Hempel, W., Feddes Repert. 122(1-2): 114. 2001]

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