Stable identifiers
Herbarium # WU 0022603
Collection # WU
Stored under taxonname Phelipanche aegyptiaca (Pers.) Pomel   tropicos
Euro + Med Checklist (B)
Family Orobanchaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned G. Schneeweiß & A. Tribsch (WU)
Ident. history Schneeweiß & Tribsch: Phelipanche ramosa; next: Phelipanche aegyptiaca
Collector wikidata VIAF ORCID Schneeweiß,G. & Tribsch,A. 6611 (link to CETAF Botany Pilot)  — AY209327
Date 2001-05-17
Location Georgia
Label Mtkheta-Mtianeti, Talgebiet des Flusses Mtkvari (Kura): Shio Mqvime bei Mtsxeta: Umgebung der Kirche.
Annotations 6 sheets 4/6
Chromosome number n=12 and 2n=24.
Published in: Schneeweiss GM, Palomeque T, Colwell AE, Weiss-Schneeweiss H (2004): Chromosome numbers and karyotype evolution in holoparasitic Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) and related genera. target="_blank">American Journal of Botany 91: 439-448.
Published in: Schneeweiss GM, Colwell A, Park JM, Jang CG, Stuessy TF. 2004. Phylogeny of holoparasitic Orobanche (Orobanchaceae) inferred from nuclear ITS sequences. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 30: 465-478