Stable identifier
Herbarium # W 0001580
Collection # W
Stored under taxonname Actinostemma tenerum Griff.   tropicos
Family Cucurbitaceae
Det./rev./conf./assigned A. Cogniaux
Ident. history A. Cogniaux: Actinostemma tenerum
Syntypus of Actinostemma tenerum Griff.
J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal 23 (7): 643-644 (1854)
Typified by: B. Duyfjes 
Collector Griffith,W. 2523
Date s.d.
Location India
Label East Bengal.
Annotations Ex Herbarium Griffith. Herb. of the late East India Company. Distributed at K 1861-2.
[label in the capsule:] B. Duyfjes: "Griffith 2523 syntype of Actinostemma tenerum Griff., Pl. Cantor. (? 1841) 25, t. 3"

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